Adult Cat (under 7 yrs)

Mindy - gentle girl needs a quiet home

Mindy has really been in the wars. We were asked to help as a local vets had her brought into them unable to walk. Closer investigation and x-rays showed that she had a severely smashed Pelvis.

It was touch and go whether it was repairable but after second opinions it was decided to go ahead with surgery to try and pin and repair the damage.

There was no guarantee of success from the operation and it wasn’t clear whether she might end up with nerve damage which would leave her unable to walk or incontinent.

After 6hrs of surgery she was naturally groggy and after a couple of days recovery at the vets she came into foster care. She was unable to walk and we watched and waited with baited breath to see what her capabilities would be.

Its been slow progress and we have celebrated each small milestone but as you can see from the video she is now able to work and has complete control of her bladder and bowels

Mindy is a super sweet little girl and we are so delighted we have her a chance. She has proved her resilience and although she is in a strict regime to not rush her recovery she will be ready for rehoming at the end of August / beginning of Sept

Mindy - recovering well

Mindy - recovering well