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Losing a much-loved pet is heartbreaking especially when, as an owner, you never receive the 'closure' of knowing what actually happened to them. Every owner dreads losing their pet. Most of us have experienced the feeling of relief when our pet strolls in after being away for just that little bit longer than usual and tucks into their dinner as if nothing has happened!!

Cats in particular are natural wanderers, curious about the world and keen to explore, so it's not surprising that so many go missing. Most return to their own comfortable bed and familiar dinner-dish. However, it can be traumatic for owners whose animals disappear for weeks and months. There's a special grief in losing an animal when you never do discover what became of them and are left imagining what might have happened.

Microchipping is a must!

When a stray cat comes into our care the RSPCA will check to see if the cat is micro chipped to see if we can trace the owner. We have reunited cats with their owners through this system and the majority of vets will micro chip at a cost of between £10 and £20.