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Small animal adoption Policy

All you need to know about applying to adopt a small animal



Adoption Fee - £25


We like to adopt rabbits as pairs or to be part of a pair, unless they have an aggressive temperament towards other rabbits, or have come into us as a single rabbit and are quite happy with their own company. For a pair of rabbits we ask that you have a minimum hutch size of 6ft long or a 2 tier 5ft hutch, with a secure run or garden for exercise.  Learn more about Rabbits from the RSPCA.

Our rabbits adoption fee includes neutering (if appropriate) and a myxomatosis vaccination. This would cost approx £55 at a standard vets.


Guinea Pigs

Adoption Fee - £10


As with rabbits, we like to adopt Guinea Pigs in pairs or to be part of a pair. For a pair of Guinea Pigs we ask that you have a minimum hutch size of 6ft long x 2ft wide x 2ft high. Learn more about Guinea Pigs from the RSPCA.

Our guinea pigs adoption fee includes neutering when appropriate.

PLEASE NOTE: We always hate to turn down an offer of a home, however if we do, please bear in mind that we have done it with the best interest of the animal in mind. We have often nursed the animals in our care back to health or have seen them traumatised by being discarded and had to work hard to regain their trust. We could not bear to put the animal into a home which we didn’t feel was right for it long term, and rightly or wrongly we would rather upset the person than the animal. We hope you will understand.