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Kitten adoption policy

All you need to know before applying to adopt a kitten.


Adoption Fee £50


We are well aware that a lovely picture of a kitten will make people want to offer it a home; however you need to think long and hard about the long term commitment of a kitten and whether it really is the right addition to your household. 

Kittens, although very cute are fragile, and vulnerable to lots of dangers around the home, whilst they provide endless entertainment they also need a lot of attention and love and can be quite naughty at times…which is part of their charm and a natural part of their development. If you are extremely house proud however you may be best to consider an adult cat!

Kittens in some respects are like toddlers, they need a lot of love and attention when they are little to ensure they develop into well socialised adults. It is a very vulnerable time and they generally need to have another cat around them for companionship and to play with….therefore we do like to home young kittens in pairs where possible, however we will rehome single kittens to homes where there is someone around to provide the necessary companionship. 3 hours is the maximum amount of time a young kitten should be left alone, so we do not rehome single kittens to full time workers where no-one is at home for long periods during the day. If you are a full time worker you need to adopt two kittens or a cat above neutering age.

Our minimum age for rehoming kittens is at 9 weeks old once they have started their course of vaccinations, we recommend not placing young kittens with mature cats over 10 years as they don't usually take to kittens very well and it can upset the older cat.

If you are planning to integrate a kitten into an existing cat household we can offer advice, however this is something that will take time and you need to be around enough to facilitate those introductions slowly.

Remember that kittens will need to be kept indoors until they are 6 months old and have been neutered/spayed, so you need to provide a good scratch centre and lots of toys to keep them occupied until they are able to venture out.

We do not rehome kittens as indoor cats nor would we rehome them if you live on or near a main road. 

Our kitten adoption fee includes triple vaccination against cat flu, enteritis and leukaemia. All kittens will have been wormed and flea treated.  Note, Kittens need to come back to our vets, Powis and Partners for their 2nd vaccinations if these have not been done at the point they are rehomed.  Our fee also includes a free neutering and microchipping voucher for when the kitten reaches the correct age. This must be used at  Powis and Partners and is one of the conditions of adopting a kitten from us.  For these reasons we do not rehome kittens outside of the local Stourbridge area.

PLEASE NOTE: We always hate to turn down an offer of a home, however if we do, please bear in mind that we have done it with the best interest of the animal in mind. We have often nursed the animals in our care back to health or have seen them traumatised by being discarded and had to work hard to regain their trust. We could not bear to put the animal into a home which we didn’t feel was right for it long term, and rightly or wrongly we would rather upset the person than the animal. We hope you will understand.