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Dog adoption policy

All you need to know before applying to adopt a dog


Adoption Fee - Varies Dependent on Type of Dog


For adoption of dogs we ask that the potential adopters are fit and healthy enough to exercise the dog appropriately. We do not rehome young puppies to full time workers where no-one is at home during the day. We will only rehome to a household with children under 5 if the children already live with a dog and can demonstrate that they behave in a reasonable manner towards the dog. We try to match each dog's needs with the adopter, so not every case will be the same. Learn more about looking after a pet dog from the RSPCA.

Donation fees for dogs can vary greatly dependent on the type of dog, its age and the vet's treatment it has received whilst in our care. All our dogs will be rehomed having been neutered/spayed, micro chipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated if required. At a standard vets this would cost from £125-185. We will ask you for a donation towards the cost dependant on what the dog needed when he/she came into our care. Please ask about the specific donation for the dog you are interested in at the time of enquiry.

PLEASE NOTE: We always hate to turn down an offer of a home, however if we do, please bear in mind that we have done it with the best interest of the animal in mind. We have often nursed the animals in our care back to health or have seen them traumatised by being discarded and had to work hard to regain their trust. We could not bear to put the animal into a home which we didn’t feel was right for it long term, and rightly or wrongly we would rather upset the person than the animal. We hope you will understand.