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From my home to yours...


Direct Rehoming

With us only being a small local branch we have limited amount of spaces to be able to bring animals into our care., which often means when people contact us asking us for help rehoming their own animal we can only offer to add them to our waiting list until a space becomes available. This is where our new Direct Rehoming page could offer an alternative.


Please complete the online form below giving us all the details we need to upload your animal onto the website. Please note we will only advertise animals which are already neutered. If you need help with this then please visit our neutering page to apply for a voucher for discounted neutering 


By completing the form you are agreeing to us advertising your animal on your behalf but understand that it is your responsibility and not the RSPCA's to ensure your animal goes to a good home. We would always advise you visit the potential adopters home prior to allowing them to come and meet your animal in its home environment. It is essential both parties are happy and its the correct home for your pet.


If you are interested in any of the animals listed below you need to be aware that we do not offer any rescue back up. It is your responsibility to obtain a full medical history from the owner should you have any concerns. Be prepared for the owner to want to come and do a home visit before inviting you to view the animal in their own home.

If you want to be sure the animal you adopt is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea treated and wormed - and has initial rescue back up - then please visit our Pets for Adoption pages to view the animals in our care

Millie and Timmy

Millie and Timmy have been much loved pets for the last 7yrs but sadly find themselves needing to find a new home due to the owners 2yr old daughter being allergic. They have looked at ways to try and manage this but want this lovely pair to lead a normal happy life and with sadness have decided the best thing for them would be to find a new home. They must be rehomed together. More information below:

Timmy 1.JPG

Timmy (to be rehomed with Millie


Approx DOB: May 2011

Sex: Male

Neutered: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes


Kitten in a cat’s body & a carer!

Timmy is a loving black and white boy who was adopted from the RSPCA as a 9week old kitten. He is a small male and in terms of personality has never really grown up! He is the sweetest most caring and loyal cat and loves company. In true kitten style he loves to cuddle in close to your side or the crook of your arm for lots of fuss and seems to sense when you are unwell, cuddling up and not leaving your side. He also loves to play; Millie, shoe laces, laser pens, little mice, and feet/hands under the covers are his favourites.


Millie (to be rehomed with Tilly)

Approx DOB: April 2011

Sex: Female

Neutered: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes


6 going on 60! Loving, Affectionate, loyal & independant.

Millie was adopted from the RSPCA at 6 months old. When initially adopted Millie was extremely shy and even a movement of the hand would scare her into hiding. But over a few months she gained trust and confidence and now loves her cuddles. She is more than happy to approach new people if they are willing to give her some attention!!

These days Millie prefers the easy peaceful and affectionate life! She has her moments where she loves to play such as with ‘da bird’ and catnip toys, lasers and chasing flies, but the rest of the time she loves nothing more than to cuddle up and get lots of fuss. Once full of affection she is happy to be alone to curl up and sleep!