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Become a Sponsor 

Unable to foster but would still love to help? What about becoming a Sponsor to one of our hard to rehome cats?

We sometimes have cats that come through our doors which sadly never get offered a new home ...

Because of the nature of the work we do in rescue, unfortunately many cats which we find abandoned or lost are poorly when they come into our care. Most, thankfully, can be treated and make a full recovery, and go on to find their loving forever homes....but we often have cats which due to long term health issues either end up staying with the fosterer because no one ever comes forward to offer them a home, or we rehome them with an agreement that we continue to support their medical costs relating to their long-term condition. This is typically older cats who have Thyroid, Kidney or Heart conditions. Please scroll down for cats in our long term care who need sponsoring

It's a big commitment for the branch to cover medical costs for the lifespan of a cat, as sometimes this can be for several years. We're always grateful if someone is willing to sponsor a cat or contribute towards their medical costs.

Below are the some of the cats currently in our long-term care together with their associated costs. If you would like to help then you can make a donation via PayPal by clicking the button below....please specify which cat you would like your donation to support:




When Smudge came into care he was quite literally dying and we thought he wouldn't even survive the tests he needed. He is 20yrs +, has a heart condition and hyperthyroidism. He is on 3 meds a day which are helping to manage these conditions and keep him comfortable. Smudge is happy now, and still enjoys a fuss and his food. Smudge came into our care on 1st may 2017 and has amazed us all with his will to enjoy the time he has left in his foster home.

Smudge's monthly meds are circa £50pm 


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When Molly first came into care she seemed like a normal cat but it soon became obvious there were problems. She lost a lot of weight, her food went straight through her and she very quickly looked in very poor condition. Molly has an overactive thyroid which is now stabilised by medication and regular blood tests. She also however has a food intolerance and has to be fed a grain free diet which is quite costly. Molly is in long term foster care with her original fosterer and is a much happier little lady now that she is on the right medication and food.