Thor, Loki and Harley

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Thor Loki and Harley found themselves in our care through no fault of their own as their owner had a new baby and was struggling to cope.

They are a bonded trio - and although a big ask we would like to try and find them a home where they can stay together. They are all 3 beautiful confident and friendly cats so really would be a lovely ready made fur family for someone

Here’s a bit about them all from their original owner:

All 3 cats are just over 2 years old. All are used to having free access to a safe outdoor space and use a cat flap.

Harley - female - All Tabby She is more timid than the boys but she is such a gentle and loving cat, she loves affection. She enjoys going out but never seems to go far.

Thor - male - tabby and white (brown ring around his nose) - he loves attention and affection, he has such a sweet and friendly personality. He is very laid back and would be happy to sit for hours on your lap. He loves being outdoors and is the most adventurous of the 3

Loki was a stray - he is much more slender than the other cats - tabby and white (more white on his face than Thor does) - he loves the other cats, loves to groom them. He likes to go out but is quite a homely boy and does spend a lot of time indoors. When we first had him he was very scared, he is now so loving loves attention and affection.

All are neutered and microchipped and will be vaccinated before rehoming.

If you think you could rehome this lovely family please do get in contact

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HARLEY (Female)

HARLEY (Female)

LOKI ( Male)

LOKI ( Male)

THOR (male)

THOR (male)