Poppet came to our attention when we were helping to trap a small feral colony.

Her history was known to local people and she had been abandoned several years previous when her owners moved out of their house and left her behind. She has spent several years living on doorsteps and being fed in the neighbourhood. They had contacted rescues who had promised to come and collect her but no one ever actually came for her.

She was in truly awful condition - she is only about 9yrs old but she looked in her teens when we saw her. She was skin and bone, and her coat was filthy dirty and matted - she had given up trying to look after herself a long time ago - it just wasn’t on her agenda when each day became just about surviving the elements. But when she was called over she came to greet us and fussed and purred her head off. I looked into the sad and sorrowful little face and swore that we would help her.

As soon as we had a space she came into care as a priority as we felt she was perhaps very poorly.

She was just so amazingly grateful to have been rescued and have a warm and safe environment for the first time in years. Our fosterer brushed loads and loads of dead fur out of her coat and she is now starting to transform before our very eyes.

After a vet check and full bloods it turned out that she was diabetic, and also had some very rotten teeth so she was started on insulin injections and once the infection in her mouth had cleared up we had all those bad teeth removed.

Poppet is extra special to us and we want to find her an extra special home. It needs to be a relatively quiet home as she is a real gentle soul , she would make a brilliant companion cat as she likes to be on your lap and follow you about, but equally likes a nice warm comfy spot to snooze a few hours away!

We would ideally like to find someone who has previously been used to managing diabetes in a cat or dog and so is used to carrying out injections. That said, if someone really is prepared to learn then we wouldnt rule that out if everything else was right for her :-)

She needs a home with a nice secure and safe garden.

If she is rehomed within our branch area and treatment is continued with our vets we can support with costs relating to her diabetes

If you think you could offer Poppet the loving home she so deserves we would love to hear from you!