Chuck1 .jpg

Chuck came into our care having repeatedly turned up in a garden of someone who had previously adopted a cat from us. He had been hanging around on and off for a number of months and over a period of time people in the neighbourhood started to become worried about him. He wasn’t neutered, was getting into fights and was generally looking the worse for wear.

After gaining his trust he was taken into the vets to check for a microchip. He was chipped and we were all excited to reunite him with his owner - however it transpired that he had been rehomed a couple of years ago but the owners had never updated the details on the chip. Whist the original owner was worried about him she sadly wasn’t in a position to have him back and asked us to help to find him a new home.

He is a handsome boy who we now know to be about 3yrs old. He is a friendly boy who likes to be fussed but at the moment if he gets over excited he will nip so we wouldnt place him in a home with young children. We do think this will subside though when he is able to get his freedom back and have more natural stimulation from being outside.

Our fosterer says he’s no trouble at all, is quite chatty and very clean and good with the litter tray.

Chuck has now been neutered and vaccinate and will be ready to go to his forever home very soon.