Mindy really has been a little miracle. We were asked to help as a local vets had her brought into them unable to walk. Closer investigation and x-rays showed that she had a severely smashed Pelvis, we can only assume as a result of an RTA or severe trauma of some description

It was touch and go whether it was repairable but after second opinions it was decided to go ahead with surgery to try and pin and repair the damage.

There was no guarantee of success from the operation and it wasn’t clear whether she might end up with nerve damage which would leave her unable to walk or incontinent, but we always give every cat who crosses our path every possible opportunity to become well again

After 6hrs of surgery she was naturally groggy and after a couple of days recovery at the vets she came into foster care. She was unable to walk and we watched and waited with baited breath to see what her capabilities would be.

Its been slow progress and we have celebrated each small milestone but as you can see from the video which was taken a few weeks ago that you really wouldnt know she had been completely unable to walk - even the vets have been stunned by her incredible recovery and are so pleased we all pulled together to be able to giver her life back.

Now all she needs is to find her perfect forever home! Mindy is a super sweet little girl , she is a really easy going little cat who is no trouble at all and she loves her food! She may always have some restricted mobility in terms of being able to jump but other than that there is no reason why she shouldnt lead a perfectly normal life, although we would like to find somewhere for her with a safe and secure fenced garden where she can have supervised access. She is a clean little cat who uses her litter tray and she is steadier on her legs now than in the first video which was taken a few weeks ago. The vets have now signed her off with a clean bill of health and were amazed as you would never have known she had been in such a nasty accident.

Anyone who comes to meet her will fall in love with her - will it be you? We estimate Mindy to be around 6-7yrs of age. She is now fully vaccinated and microchipped and is ready to be rehomed

Mindy having made such a remarkable recovery

Mindy having made such a remarkable recovery

Mindy - recovering well

Mindy - recovering well