Ellie is such a sweet little cat. We were alerted to her as she had been living in a scrap car for a couple of weeks - accessing it via the space where the back light should be. She had been advertised locally but to no avail - the locals felt she might have belonged to an elderly lady in the street who had died. She wasn’t microchipped.

When she came into care she was just the sweetest little thing - all nuzzley and headbutts and oh so grateful to be rescued! She loves to sit on your knee and is a very affectionate little cat.

She is only 1-2yrs old and very playful - despite however her being very cuddly when she’s in the mood, in play mode she has clearly never been taught that hands are out of bounds as toys and she will grab, bite and nibble your fingers. It is purely play but for that reason if you want a very placid cuddly cat she’s probably not for you - and because of this we would only rehome her to a household with older children who won’t be phased by this. ( I have posted a video so you can see how she is in both love bug mode and bitey play mode)

She is a very clean little cat and uses the tray without issue and she eats well. She has been no trouble at all since coming into care and really is a delightful and petite little thing.

She will be ready for rehoming after 17th May 19 when she will have completed her vaccinations. Please note Ellie is in a foster home in Marston Green B37

Ellie before she was rescued…

Ellie before she was rescued…