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This is Ethan Pre-Op when he was first taken into the vets

A member of the public took Ethan into the vets after he turned up at their house struggling to walk and clearly in distress. He was a known stray cat to them as he used to visit from time to time but more recently hadn’t been seen until the day he came to them for help.

On doing X-Rays it became clear that Ethan had a really severe pelvic fracture which would not heal just with cage rest (which is the normal treatment) and therefore had to undergo a rather risky operation to hold his pelvis together with an internal plate. Sadly on doing pre- op bloods we also discovered Ethan had contracted the FIV virus during his life of having to live as an unneutered male fighting to protect his territory. Such a crying shame as he clearly has had a home and been loved at some point in this life as he is a big friendly socialble boy.

Let’s be clear on FIV. FIV cats can live a long and happy life even though they have the virus, it just means they potentially have a compromised immune system so need to live a more restrictive lifestyle as an indoor cat or ideally, as in Ethan’s case, with a safe enclosed outdoor space. Other than that there is no reason why they shouldn’t live as long as a normal cat - in fact many live longer without the dangers cats encounter from free roaming. There is still a lot of ignorance around FIV so please have a read of this really fantastic article, which answers all the questions you might have if you are considering rehoming an FIV cat:

Now back to gorgeous Ethan. He underwent his operation on 21.2.19 and has made a great recovery. He has been such a lovely boy all through his recovery which at times has been stressful for him having to have cage rest but even when he’s been frustrated his temperament has remained lovely. He is just a perfect cat - a big softie - but we know there is a real risk he will be overlooked because he is black and FIV+.

So in summary what’s the ideal home we would like to find for Ethan?

FIV cats cannot be allowed to free roam however we don’t want Ethan to have to be an indoor only cat as he has lived his life enjoying the great outdoors and just loves being in the fresh air. Although Ethan can do most things he does struggle to jump any height so a garden fully enclosed with a 6ft fence may be suitable provided the area was not heavily populated with other cats. He would need to initially be taken into the garden on a harness ( after her 4 weeks of settling in) and if the fence was not enough to contain him to the garden you would need to be prepared to build him a catio on the back of the house or cat proof your garden for him. We know that Ethan is friendly and ok with children but it would worry us rehoming him to a busy household with young children as they won’t understand the need to make sure windows and doors are kept closed. Ideally your home should have a porch to ensure he can’t come out of the front door when you come in. 
We know we are being quite specific but Ethan is a lovely boy who’s been through a lot and totally deserves the perfect home. It’s not just about finding him any home it’s about finding the right one- could it be with you?

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6 days post Op - doing well and standing - just not overly happy about the cone and cage rest!

6 days post Op - doing well and standing - just not overly happy about the cone and cage rest!

“Please tell me this isnt going on social media!”

“Please tell me this isnt going on social media!”