We were alerted to Harry as he was a stray being fed by an elderly lady, he was friends with another much older stray cat who had become unwell and so the lady contacted us asking for help.

We brought both cats into our care as they had come to rely on each other but tragically we became aware very quickly that Albus was not at all well. He was rushed to our vets and blood tests showed he was in final stages of kidney failure and in a lot of pain so we tragically had to say goodbye.

We were heartbroken - not only to lose Albus when he finally had the chance of a better life, but also seeing Harry left without his friend so soon after coming into a new environment as he was very scared when he first arrived.

Thankfully Harry seems to have coped and is now coming out of his shell and doing well, but we desperately want to find him his lovely forever home so he’s not too long on his own.

He is a very gentle soul who is initially very shy and he will take a few days to settle in and find his feet in a new home, so we are looking for a nice quiet home for him with no young children, and no dogs. We know that Harry had a strong bond with Albus so he may well be ok with another gentle and laid back boy cat with the right slow introductions.

He does seem more at home with quiet female company (human!) than with men - which probably comes from a life on the streets and then the one person he learnt to trust being a quiet elderly lady.

Harry is estimated to be about 6yrs old, and will need access to a safe garden via a catflap in his new homw

If you think you have the perfect home for Harry please do get in contact

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