Missy - Special Home Appeal


We were alerted to Missy when someone spotted her in their garden with a very sick kitten. They managed to catch the kitten and for a number of days it was touch and go whether he would make it - but thankfully he did and Patches has since been rehomed.

After Patches was caught and taken into the hospital we managed to trap Missy.

She has been in our care now for a number of months and although there have been small improvements she really isnt comfortable in human company unless there is a distance between you and her.

Missy is never likely to be a fussy cat who is seeks human affection, but that doesnt mean we dont still thinks she deserves a lovely home! Although it does mean we need to find special people who are prepared to offer her a home more for ‘her’ than themselves as it might take an awful long time before she starts to give something back.

That said we don’t really want just a farm life for her living in a barn as she has at least got used to being inside in a home environment….so whats the ideal we would like for her?

Ideally we would like to find someone who has a room on the back of their house that could become ‘hers’ . One that she could be set up in originally for her settling in period and then one which she can have direct access to and from via a cat flap as she pleases. One which has all her home comforts in so she has a warm bed to snuggle up in when she chooses too and one where food is always there for her. …but equally one which won’t force her to interact if she doesnt feel comfortable …but will give her the time and space to do it over the months (possibly years) that it might take for her to feel comfortable.

We know she won’t be everyones cup of tea, but if there is anyone out there that is prepared to give her a chance of a lovely life we would love to hear from you

missy in hammock.jpg
Missy when she first came into care very frightened…

Missy when she first came into care very frightened…