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Pretty Kitty, as her fosterer calls her, was found looking for food and shelter just before Christmas. Despite efforts around the local area, no owners came forward, so she is now seeking a forever home and family.

Kitty is an adorable, confident and affectionate little cat with a big personality. She can be a real lap cat and purrs non-stop as she does ‘nose rubs’ and pushes her head under your chin for cuddles, but equally she can play really rough and at the moment has not learnt that hands and arms are not toys to bite and pummel! We have a suspicion that this rough behaviour (whilst not her fault as it normally means its been encouraged from a very young age) could well be the reason she came to find herself needing a new home (espeically if her original home had young children in it) - so as gorgeous as she can be shes also not for the faint hearted!

When Kitty came into our care she had the sneezes and since being vaccinated she has shown further signs of sneezing - once she gets over this bout and her vaccinations are fully completed she shouldnt show any symptoms on a day to day basis but it does mean shes likely to remain a carrier so our vet has now advised that we should seek to rehome her as an only cat.

Playtime is another favourite Kitty activity. She especially likes her play tunnel, diving around it with boundless energy in pursuit of whatever balls and mice are thrown in its direction!

This little lady really loves both company and playtime in equal measures, and voices her distain if she’s left alone for too long. So we’re seeking a home for her where she will have plenty of company during the day – and we wouldnt rehome her with young children because of this rough behaviour we have now witnessed

Kitty has a beautiful long-haired coat, and will need daily brushing as she grows to full size.

So - in a nutshell she needs to be an only cat, with people who are experienced cat owners who can spend a lot of time with her keeping her entertained and have no young children

If you think you can offer her the perfect home then please complete an adoption enquiry form via our contact page

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