Reposting this is breaking my heart for both Monty and his current owner.

Monty was rehomed from us in Aug to a lovely elderly lady who had adopted from us before, she loves him to death, as he does her, but sadly her health has taken a turn for the worst and she is really struggling to look after him.

The thought of letting him go is heartbreaking for her but she wants to do whats best for Monty so has come to the very difficult decision of letting us try to find him a new home.

Monty was originally found in someones garden and refused to leave - he was extremely skinny and hungry. He was advertised locally but with the absence of a micrchip no owner was ever located so we bought him into care.

He is approx 8-10yrs old. He had full bloods done when he first came into care and whilst all vital organs were good, he was on the very high side of normal with his thyroid markers so its highly likely that he will be hypterthyroid as he gets older and new owners will need to be prepared to ensure this is checked regulalry with blood tests and the correct medication given on a daily basis.

Monty is a very lovely natured cat but he does need to be the only cat in the household, he is used to a quiet life and we will only rehome him to a similar quiet, adult only household. We won’t rehome him to anything that is less than perfect for him and so that will ideally be with someone who is perhaps retired and at home for a large part of the day as he does like to have the company he has been used to, and it needs to be in a safe area away from any busy roads.

He is used to going outside and will need access to a safe and secure garden, although in the winter months he is happy to spend more time inside - he also prefers to use a tray indoors to go to the toilet so if you really are looking for a cat who will ‘go’ outside then he’s definitely not for you. Monty is extremely chatty and communicative and loves also to have a good play with his favourite mouse toy on a stick so you will need to indulge him in that from time to time, he loves to have his mad 10 mins a few times a day!

If you live in a quiet house, in a quiet area and think you have the purrfect home for Monty then please do get in contact. He is currently living in Hall Green and will be coming back into foster care in Marston Green - he does get very stressed in the car travelling so if we were able to find a home around those areas it would be a real bonus!