Edward came into care with two other cats having lived a pretty awful life on the streets of Birmingham.

He was very picked on by the other two cats and was very shy and withdrawn when he first came into care and hid away from the world.

Since having his own space, and the love and patience of his foster mum he has blossomed into a lovely little fussy boy as you can see from the video's. He's incredibly hard to photograph now as all he wants is to get onto his foster mums lap for a cuddle when she goes into his pen.

He needs a very quiet home with a patient owner as we do feel he will regress back into himself a little when he first moves. He will need to be an only cat and we would prefer to rehome him to an area where, when he ventures outside, is not heavily cat populated as we want him to feel relaxed in his own environment. A microchip cat flap will be essential to ensure no neighbourhood cats can access his home so that he always feels safe and secure, he is going to need to be kept indoors for a long time before being let out as he is such a nervous boy in strange surroundings - a catio or cat proofed garden would be ideal for him.

He is a sensisitve little soul who just needs to be given a chance of love and we have no doubt that he will start to build a very special bond with his owner once he settles. He just loves his foster mum now but he’s still not great with anyone else or men particular so he ideally needs a home where he can be one on one with a lady on her own that will give him time to form that bond with him in his own time. Once he has that trust he snuggles like a baby so your patience will definitely be rewarded!

He does have gingivitus at the moment which we are investigating and if rehomed locally, should he need any treatment for this we will cover the cost. We dont want that to delay him finding and settling into his forever home though as he really needs to start building that bond with someone who can love him forever…

Edward 2 September 2018.jpg
Edward - 2 September 2018.jpg