We initally found out about Buttons from someone advertising him as a stray in their garden on facebook. One of our volunteers agreed to go and scan him for a microchip and we were elated to find out he was chipped!

Sadly that didnt last long - as the phone number registered was dead and from calling at the address the registered owner didnt live there anymore. Despite trying really hard to locate his owner, all avenues drew a blank.

He has spent the summer in the finders garden being fed by her but now the nights are drawing in and getting colder we have bought him into foster care.

After being in care for just a few days it became very apparent he had an irritation in his ears, so we whisked him off to see the vet. It turns out this poor lad had had an infection which the vet felt had been their for months if not years, so we dread to think how uncomfortable it has been for him.

He is a BIG cat, friendly when he is settled and trusts you but he is likely to be very shy and unsettled when he first moves to his forever home, as he is very worried by initial change.

He is currently undergoing treatment for his ears (16/9/18) which will hopefully have him feeling so much better -even though hes not impressed with the drops poor lad!

Buttons may be ok with another laid back cat as the finder said he seemed to muddle along ok with the cats in the neighbourhood, but he will need the freedom of outdoor access via a cat flap in his new home.

Because he is a bit nervous initially he would be better suited to an adult only household ( or a house with calm older children). If you think you have the perfect home to offer Buttons please get in contact as we would love for him to be settled in a forever home before the winter