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Marty is a lovely young boy who was taken into our vets as he had a really nasty injury. He was once and owned cat as he had a collar on when he was found but this was the cause of his injuries. He wasnt neutered, had gone off and got himself lost whilst looking for a female and clearly got his collar caught on something. Because it didnt have a safety release buckle he clearly struggled to free himself and in doing so got his front leg through his collar and couldnt then free it. Over time the collar cut into his skin under his front leg and became badly infected - he was in a pretty bad whay when he was taken into our vets.

Thankfully we stepped in to pay for his treatment and he had an operations to clean up all the infected tissue and stitch what was a big open wound back together. He spent 10 days in the vets but was then well enough to come into foster care. Despite being advertised as 'Found' no owners have ever come forward as missing him

He is a really lovely boy, all the vet nurses fell in love with him whilst he was with them.

He is now Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped and ready to find a new furrever family.

We do not know how he is with other cats so would prefer to find him a home as an only cat. He would be great in a household with children of secondary school age.

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