Sox - Now reserved


Black & White Female

Approx. 3 years old


If there was ever a cat that deserves a real home to call her own, Sox is that cat!!

Her adventures and stories, we only know some! 

She turned up several years ago at an industrial estate looking hungry,

frightened, nervous, and fearful of people. No one could get close to her. 

A kind lady at one of the factories put food and water down for her every day. Sox would come and go but one day, it was discovered she had given birth to kittens in an old shed. When her kittens were old enough, they were taken by another rescue and Sox was caught, neutered and returned to the factory.

Over the years, the lady at the factory gained her trust and Sox would happily have strokes and fusses.

Recently, we were told the factory unit was closing, and there would be no one to look after Sox. We were arranging foster space for her, when she suddenly went missing from the factory. No one had seen her. Over a week went by and we sadly thought something must have happened to her. Then she showed up! A bit thinner and a little bit wary - even of the people she knew. Who knows what had happened to her - but we think she may have got herself locked in somewhere. Finally, we could get her safe into foster care - which is where she is now! And that is Sox's story as we know it. I am sure this little lady has many more tales to tell! She now needs to go onto her next adventure in life and find herself a proper home to call her own.

She is an adorable girl, Loves her fusses and headbutts!

She will be a little bit nervous in a new house to begin with, but she settled in just a couple of days in her foster home, so she will be fine in no time at all.

Please get in touch if you can give Sox a home.

P.s. As you can see from the video’s Sox has made real friends with Gertie our little blind and diabetic dog who is up for adoption. They could go together !! ;-)

Sox 1.jpg