Elsie was signed over into our care after her previous owner had to leave his flat and could no longer give her the care she needed.

Unfortunately, she was so infested with fleas, it had made her poorly. She was severely anaemic because of the flea infestation but with regular use of a good flea treatmentrecent blood tests have now shown that her red blood cell count has returned to  normal :-)

She also has what we think may be a bit of arthritus in one of her back legs which occasional means she has a little wobble but she has been thoroughly checked over by the vet and  they believe it could just be from an old injury. It certainly doesn't seem to give her any bother

Elsie is a lovely friendly girl who likes having fusses and loves being brushed.

She enjoys her food and will happily snooze the day away - especially during these hot days we have been having!

Due to her age and with her recovering from anaemia, she is not currently vaccinated as we didn't want to overload her system with any more stress. Once she has settled in her new home, provided she is rehomed within our branch area, this is something we could arrange to be done at our vets.

Elsie needs a quiet home away from any busy roads and with a garden that she can have access to so she can enjoy the fresh air. 

If you would like to offer Elsie a home, please get in touch.