Oreo and Cookie

Oreo and cookie.jpg

Oreo - Black and white male . Cookie - Tabby and white female

Brother and sister 22 months old

Brother and Sister, Oreo and Cookie came came into foster care when their owner was moving house and wasn't able to take them with her. 

They were both a little bit frightened to begin with, but it is clear that they are very close and Cookie often grooms Oreo and they look to one another for reassurance and comfort, we feel it would be such a shame to separate them, so they are looking for a new home together.

They have settled into foster really well and are both happy and friendly cats. There favourite spot together is on the windowsill. Cookie is a very loving and playful girl where Oreo is a little bit more laid back and you can almost guarantee if he isn't sunning himself on the windowsill, he will have his head in the food bowl!

If you think you can offer this lovely pair a home, please get in touch.

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Cookie with Oreo1.jpg
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