Houdini is a beautiful black friendly boy. He is just in temporary foster care with one of our fosterers whilst his carer recovers from an operation but we have said whilst he is with us we will try and help find him a home. 

Poor Houdini was straying in a really terrible area of Birmingham - he has been rescued from a life on the streets but he has tested positive for FIV and will therefore need an indoor home or ideally we would love to find him one where he could have a cat proofed garden or catio to give him access to the fresh air that he loves whilst keeping him safe.

FIV basically means that Houdini's immune system is compromised. There is a lot of ignorance around FIV, but most FIV cats in a loving home live a normal, happy and long life, without needing any special treatment or medication. There is lots of useful information via this link:


The most important thing for Houndini is that he needs to be an only cat as he doesnt really like other cat company and its fighting that transfers the disease...he does however LOVE human company and is a lovely fussy boy.

Because he will need to adapt to being an indoor cat we would ideally like to find a home with someone who is around for a large part of the day so that he can have plenty of interaction and playtime. 

As you can see - he shows no signs of the illness and is currently a fit and healthy boy 

Just to say we would prefer to rehome Houdini to a home where there is a porch so there is safe access to the property without the risk of him shooting out of the front door - he's not named Houdini for nothing lol !