Lincoln Junior (or LJ for short)


Black and white male approx. 5-6 months old.

LJ was found outside one night in the freezing cold and wet, crying to get into a ladies house. She kindly took him in overnight and in the morning tried to find his owners, but no one in the street knew who he belonged to. 

We brought LJ into foster and despite informing local vets, putting up posters and advertising him on our social media page, no one has come forward to claim him so we are looking for a new home .

LJ is a typical kitten. Bouncy, lively and full of mischief! He is a confident boy who will settle into a new home no problems at all. He is fine with other cats although he is very playful and some older cats could be a bit annoyed by him, so a younger playmate he can rough and tumble with would suit him perfectly.

Please get in touch if you can give LJ a home