Sally & Delilah

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SPECIAL APPEAL for an all female home!!
Whenever we rehome a cat/kitten from our branch we always hope that they will go on to leave a lovely and blessed life - this is why this post is so sad to write :-(
Deliliah and Sally were adopted from our branch as kittens back in 2013. They were quite shy when they came into care having not had a good start in life and were still quite timid when they went to their new home.
The people who had them wanted to help two kittens that would probably otherwise be overlooked, however 5 years down the line they feel, by their own admission, that they have not been able to give them the life they had hoped and feel that now , for the benefit of the cats they need to ask for help to find them a new home
Please read the post fully to see if you think you might be able to offer them the home they need.
Delilah is the more confdent of the two but Sally is easily spooked - Sally has always remained quite timid and worried by anything new. So much so that with a young child in the house they had taken to living outdoors and really didn’t want to come into their own home anymore :-( Their owner bought them a shelter but they refused to use it and would rather get wet and sleep under the bushes which as you can imagine was heartbreaking for all concerned to see. Sally also seems to have an inexplicable fear of men hence we really are looking for a female only household.

So what sort of home are we looking for?? 
Ideally we are looking for an all female household with people who live a quiet and calm life with no children or other animals. We have been amazed at just how quickly they have both settled into their foster home and by the end of the first day both cats were on the fosterers lap wanting cuddles :-) .They may be worried by moving to a new home initially and therefore ideally a home where they can have a ‘safe’ room until they gain their confidence would be great…but in a quiet home we think they will come out of their shell pretty quickly. They will need to be kept in for a number of weeks though until the bond between cats and new owner has been formed. Once that has happened then access via a cat flap to a safe garden would be ideal.
As mentioned they coped with coming into foster care much better than anyone imagined and seem happy to be in the warm and dry again - we are not sure whether Delilah would sit on a lap all day given the chance lol…but even shy little Sally enjoys a lap cuddle now! - so in the right quiet and calm home we do feel they would thrive.. If you think you have the perfect home for them please complete our adoption enquiry form and someone will be in contact. Many thanks

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black cats in garden.JPG