Age: Est 2-3 years White and Tabby Female

Named by one of the lovely vet nurses that helped her, Gwen is looking for a home.

She was taken into a local vets as a stray and despite advertising her as found, sadly she was never claimed. The vets did their best to try and find her a new home, but no one could have her and for 3 long months she was in a vet kennel without the offer of a home.

Since being in her foster home, Gwen has done so well!! She was hiding in her igloo for the first day or so, but with some gentle coaxing with treats and soft encouraging words, she has really come out of her shell. She may be a little scared when being moved again into a new home, but I am sure she will settle in no time at all. As you can see from the video (Not sure if you can hear, but she is purring so loud aswell!) She loves her fusses and is a really sweet little cat.

Gwen needs a quiet home and someone that will give her a little bit of time to settle in properly. She would be best suited to a home with no other animals or young children.

If you think you can give Gwen the home she needs, please get in touch.

UPDATE: When we took Gwen for her second vaccination the vet detected a moderate heart murmur. They recommended that we do a heart scan to see whether she would actually benefit from taking any medication. The good news was that it is not currently advanced enough to require medication but it is something that will have to be kept an eye on and at some point in the future she may well need to, which is normally in the form of a tablet (once a day which can be crushed in food) .The vets have recommended that she have a subsequent scan in 6-12months time to see if anything has changed. If Gwen is rehomed within our branch area we will pay for this scan provided it is carried out at our nominated vet