Panda & Blackie


We are looking to place one or both of our cats into a caring loving home before we emigrate. Panda and Blackie are neutered 6-year-old brothers who keep themselves well-groomed and clean.

Both are friendly and affectionate and though independent of each other in their outdoor adventures, indoors you can catch them grooming each other, sometimes having a squabble, like all brothers and sometimes curled up together. 

They are both well behaved inside, never damaged furniture and were house trained from an early age. Obviously, they like a comfortable place to sleep whether it’s outside or indoors.  

 Panda is a very easy going and loving cat being submissive to Blackie who knows what he wants and if he could talk would have a great deal to chat about. Both will follow you around the garden with Blackie standing on guard! Panda would be very good family cat but obviously timid to start with while Blackie while more confident is just a big softie at heart. 

They like a fuss when they ask and will curl up next to your feet on the carpet or next to you on the sofa. 

They have grown up with our daughter, eight, therefore patient and good natured around older children. 

They need a decent sized garden ideally away from any busy or main roads

18-08-29 Blackie.JPG
18-03-20 Panda 1.jpg
18-10-04 Blackie.JPG