Nibble is a very friendly feline and very much an outdoor cat, happy around other cats and even dogs. she is also fine around calm, quiet children.

Her owner had her from his parents where she was raised with another cat and dog plus a busy family environment.

When he first had her she was able to come and go freely from the house as she pleased which she loved , but since further moving from a house to a flat she spends most of the time indoors alone which is why the owner has asked for help in finding her a lovely new home.

She is not much of one for playing with cat toys such as balls however if encouraged with certain toys will eventually play fondly.

She can be a rather greedy kitty and will eat all day long if given the chance to do so. lol

She doesn’t really like being brushed but will tolerate it if needs must.

Nibble is 8years old and spayed, but she isnt currently microchipped or vaccinated

Nibble 1.jpeg