Chloe is 12 yrs young and her owner is struggling to look after her, and the owners daughters are worried that their mother is going to have a fall with Chloe getting under her feet.

Its such a shame as she has been a much loved pet and her owner is very worried about her but we are trying our best to find the perfect home for her that she will be safe and well cared for in.

We are paying for Chloe to have a full health check at the vets so that we can be sure that any potential new owners do not end up with any immediate vets bills and we will update when we know more.

Chloe will need a quiet home being the only cat as that is what she has been used to. She is a very pretty tabby/tortie mix.

If you think you could offer Chloe her retirement home and bring peace of mind to her current owner then please fill in our adoption enquiry form: