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Success Stories

Every animal that comes into our care that we are lucky enough to find a new loving home for, is for us, a success story – so on average we have about 120 a year! Whilst the reasons they end up with us are varied and numerous, no one animal is more deserving than the next and we do our best to ensure they all find wonderful new forever homes. We thought it would be nice to share a few of our success stories with you…

Freda & Henry

Resuce Rabbits in new homeRabbits Success StoryFreda and Henry came to us seperately earlier this year. Henry was found abandoned and bonded with Freda (formerly Fred until a neutering check-up proved differently!!) whilst in fostercare - they have been inseparable ever since!

Now, they have found a new home together with owners Ben & Matthew. They live in luxurious new hutches on the outskirts of a farm & enjoy having lots of space to run around.

As you can see, they have definitely found their happy ever after!! 


Molly & Tabatha's story

Molly came into the RSPCA with her mum Tabatha, Both had been badly neglected and were very thin and riddled with fleas. They were taken into the vets to be spayed, then came into their foster home. They were incredibly frightened and Molly was very poorly for the first week - she would physically tremble and was on antibiotics for some time. Slowly she began to improve and started to relax a little and trust her foster mum. Both her and Tabatha started to eat well, and gain weight. Whilst still a little nervous at times they learnt that having a fuss was a nice experience and ended up wanting more!!

Molly ginger & white catEventually, a lovely lady came forward and offered them a home together…they were nervous when they went but soon settled in and after 4 weeks were allowed out to start exploring their new environment. Tabby cat Tabatha with Molly

Here's what their new mum had to say: 'As I type Tabs is on my lap, she is so fluffy and adorable she will get on your shoulders and rub her head on yours. Molly has really come out of her shell, you will be on the sofa, the cat flap rattles then 3 seconds later she lands on your lap! They are so settled and happy here they have the run of the house and have lots of admirers in the street. They really are two wonderful girls. They have settled really well now and both are really affectionate. Molly will jump into my arms now and hugs sweet is that !! Thanks so much for letting me home them. You must pop round and see them soon they look amazing.


TJ's story

Black & white cat TJTJ came into our care with his mum Tessa, and sisters Tilly, Tabby and Tasha. He had a good start in life as he was only 6 weeks old when he came into foster care and had his mum to feed him and look after him, and all his sisters for company. He had a lovely few weeks in his foster home with lots of toys to keep him happy and lots of fuss and love to enjoy. However…him and his sisters reached 9 weeks old and went for their vaccinations ready to be rehomed. All his sisters found there forever homes but poor little TJ was never picked…everyone wanted girls! The day the last of his sisters went, he cried himself to sleep, and even though he still had his mum he missed them desperately.Cats TJ & Cosmo are best of friends

Then his mum found her forever home and it seemed like he would be all on his own! Anyway…that's when his luck finally changed. We had an enquiry from a young couple who had been in contact with us for some time and who wanted a play mate for their 5 month old kitten Cosmo. After a successful home check all was arranged and we took TJ to his new home. He was very scared in the car and cried a lot of the time! At his new home he seemed confident but then Cosmo (who was so excited to have a playmate) kept charging at him and he became very frightened and hissed at her several times. It's always hard for a fosterer to see the cats they have cared for be scared again…so a few tears where shed on the way home I can tell you! However, within a few days they both settled into their new routine and as you can see they are now the best of friends! It was lovely for TJ to go to a home where he had a little playmate, and he is very much loved by all.


Mabel & Megson's story

Ginger & white and Tortie CatsMabel and Megson where taken into the vets to be put to sleep by their owners who were emigrating the very next day. They were approx 8-10 years old but in very good health so the vet asked if they could try and find them a home instead and contacted us.

We pulled out all the stops to try and find some space in a foster home for them and they came into us very frightened and a bit bewildered about everything that was going on….they had after all had their world turned upside down and been taken away from everything they ever knew! They were very lucky cats and found some new owners who where prepared to take them both and now live in a lovely big house with lots of space!


Tilly's story

Tilly, lovely black catTilly is a real senior kittizen and they often get overlooked for rehoming as it seems everybody wants a young cat! Tilly was in really bad shape when she came into us, she had a really bad flea allergy that had caused her coat to be in a awful condition and her poor old bones were riddled with arthritis. With the right vetinary treatment she was made comfortable and with the right medication her skin and arthritis began to improve. We knew it would take a special family to offer Tilly a home as she would need to be on medication for the rest of her life…but we always believe there's a home out there for all of our rescue cats and she proved to be no exception.
Tilly with her owner

Here's what her new owners have to say about her….
I thought I would send you a picture of our Tilly, it is the sweetest picture. She adores my youngest daughter they are joined at the hip! We love her so much. She is well and truly a part of our family and loves our company. She goes in and out and has started to use the garden and not her litter tray which is such a big step. She saw a cat off that came in to our garden and is very protective of her surroundings. Thank goodness we found her!



Stan & Ollie

Stan came to his foster home with his brother Ollie when they were 8 weeks old. The only way to tell them apart was that Stan has a thinner white stripe on his nose than Ollie. Both were such friendly confident little kittens and within a week had gone off to their new homes.

Stan - black & white catOllie & Smudge black & white catsStan went to live with Carla and is now called Marley, he settled in really well and is doing just fine. This is a photo of him in his forever home.

Ollie was chosen by Ben who liked his name so much he decided to keep it. Ben already has a cat called Smudge and he sent us a photo of the two of them sunning themselves in the conservatory. It's clear they have become great friends.



Muffin & Gus

Muffin was the only kitten to be rescued with his feral mother, he left her when he was old enough to go to his foster home so that he could be socialised. He was a little shy at first but soon turned into a lovely friendly kitten, getting on really well with the other foster kittens.

Muffin & Gus happy catsDebra and her daughter Bethan came to see Muffin as they were looking for a black longhaired kitten and fell in love with him immediately. Debra also took a shine to another little boy named Gus who was totally irresistable and reminded her of a cat she once had. Gus the cat & Fudge the Labrador

Gus was not quite old enough to leave so they took Muffin home and reserved Gus. After a couple of weeks they were reunited. it was so nice that they had found a home together as they had become such friends. Muffins name was changed to Meeko and Gus remained Gus, they went to live with a chocolate labrador named Fudge.

Debra says they have settled in really well and are into everything. Gus has a thing for playing with the dogs tail and as you can see from the photo when he is tired out he likes nothing more than to snuggle up with him for a nap. They look so happy in their forever home.