Ronnie - Handsome boy

Name  Ronnie
Age  2 Years (approx)
Gender  Male
Colour  Ginger
Fur Type  Shorthair

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Rescue Cat

Ronnie was taken into the vet with a badly broken leg most probably as a result of a road accident. It seemed that he had been living 'between' homes for some time but now no one was able to take care of him. He was therefore handed over to the RSPCA for treatment and rehoming.

After surgery to repair the fractures and 6 weeks cage rest, Ronnie is well on the way to recovery  with recent X-rays showing that his leg is healing well. He is now enjoying the freedom of moving around a room in his foster home and having some toys to play with.

Ronnie is a handsome ginger boy who is confident, friendly and affectionate. He enjoys company and fuss - and sitting on laps! He has adapted well to using a litter tray. He is neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated.

We are now looking for a caring home where Ronnie can become part of a family. Once settled, he will need access to a garden in a safe area.

If you can offer this lovely cat a home or would like to find out more, please get in touch.

April '17 : update
Unfortunately, being confined for so long has had an adverse effect on Ronnie's health and temperament. He is currently being treated for a urinary infection which is most probably stress-related. He has also started to bite when being fussed which is as a result of his frustration at not being able to go outside (as it is like very rough play) and live the life he was used to.

We are confident that once Ronnie is in a proper home and able to go outside these problems will disappear. In the meantime he needs an understanding 'cat person' for an owner who will give him the time and space he needs to settle properly.

June '17 update
Ronnie is a young cat with loads of energy and a heart of gold. Since he's had more of an opportunity to run and play his behaviour is a lot better. He rarely bites now and when he does it's only because he is over excited or frustrated. Being so energetic he does sometimes have a problem with distinguishing between play and fuss, and has a habit of hunting toes, but it's all done in the spirit of play rather than being malicious. Having said all that he gives the best cuddles I've had from a cat. He has had no urinary problems since having more space and I'm confident this will be the case in the future if he's kept on urinary food - which we can help with if necessary.

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 Stourbridge RSPCA

 Stourbridge RSPCA

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