Name Trevor
Age Approx 8 Years
Gender Male
Colour Ginger
Fur Type Shorthair

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Rescue Cat

Meet Smudge, Maddie and Trevor. These three pussycats were destined for the vets to be pts as their owner was going into sheltered accommodation. Having struggled to find a rescue who would take them it looked like her only option. Thankfully we heard about their plight and stepped in and they are now safe but finding a home for them isn’t going to be easy… You see we would love them to stay together as they have been for at least 8/9 years.

Trevor is the ginger boy and is the youngest at about 8/9 years old. He is a nervous boy and seems worried by everything, but when you are sitting still he loves to come and sit by you and have a fuss as much as the other two…but he is a dribbler! I’ve never known a cat quite like it so you must be prepared for love and saliva at the same time!

Maddie is a sweet little black and white girl, approx. 12/13yrs old, extremely fussy, and if you stop before she is ready she will either put her paw out to say ‘hang on I need more’ or head butt your hand so strongly you just cant ignore her. She is a typical girl with the boys (bossy!) but they all muddle along quite nicely together.

Smudge is…well, ancient, bless him, tabby and white and oh so sweet and adorable. He is in heart failure and is hyperthyroid and to be honest probably won’t be with us much longer, but at the moment he is alert and happy and his conditions are being managed with medication (which he takes quite readily in his food).

So why not rehome them separately I hear you ask? There is no doubt it would be much easier, but here’s why we would love to find them a home altogether. Trevor loves Smudge, Maddie would probably be ok on her own, but I am conscious that Trevor may not have Smudge for much longer and I feel will be lonely on his own and will take comfort from Maddie still being around.

What we ideally need is someone who will give Maddie and Trevor their forever home and equally let Smudge live out his limited days with them. I know it’s a HUGE ask, but if you are reading this do you have a nig enough heart to make this miracle happen. Just to add to the complexity of the miracle it needs to be fairly local (currently they are near the NEC in Birmingham) as the stress of a long journey is likely to be too much for Smudge. He is happy with me but he loves attention and he so deserves more than I have the time to give him…no cat deserves to die in foster care so I would love for this little family to be rehomed together and settled in when he does go to the rainbow bridge. I know its going to take very special people though….I know they are out there I just hope I can find them.

We would perhaps consider rehoming Maddie on her own if the perfect home came forward for her.

RSPCA Stourbridge

RSPCA Stourbridge

RSPCA Stourbridge

RSPCA Stourbridge



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